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of corrugated boxes, Carton sheets And export wooden pallets & crates.


corrugated boxes, carton sheets, export wooden pallets & export wooden crates all manufactured to your specification. Any size any quantity.

Boxes we Can manufacture

RSC Boxes - Regular slotted carton

Agricultural Boxes

- Minimum orders do apply on our agri boxes and includes.


- Please contact our sales team today for more information, pricing and sizes.


- Pepper Boxes  - Tomato boxes

- Meat boxes  - Bean boxes

- Lettuce boxes - Pomegranate boxes 

- Cucumber boxes  - Egg boxes 

- Broiler chick / Day old chick boxes

- Regarded as one of the most commonly used and cost effective carton styles.


- Our RSC boxes can customly be manufactured to you specifications, ANY SIZE, ANY QUANTITY.


- We keep a variety RSC boxes in stock, contact our sales team today for more information and sizes.


- Walk-in customers are welcome.

Corrugated Carton Sheets

Box Assembled On Pallet

- Our corrugated carton sheets can be manufactured up to 6mm thick and to your required size, without a minimum order.


- Corrugated sheets are used as interlayers on pallets for extra stability for you products or in boxes as dividers for your products.


- We keep various corrugated sheets in stock, contact our sales team today for more information and sizes.

- Our boxes on pallets can be manufactured to you specifications, ANY SIZE, ANY QUANTITY.


- Strong, durable and lightweight box that saves a lot on freight costs.


- Safe to export 


- Lead time 7 - 10 business days (No boxes kept in stock)

- Fully Overlap boxes can be manufactured to you specifications, ANY SIZE, ANY QUANTITY.


- Longer flaps adds addidtional strenght and protection to the boxes.


- Allows more stacking weight on top of the box.


- Lead time 7 - 10 business days (No boxes kept in stock)

Fully Overlap Flap Boxes

Industrial Base And Lid Boxes 

- Base and lid boxes are mainly used to ship larger products, these boxes comes with optional lids.


- Base and lid boxes can be manufactured to you specifications, ANY SIZE, ANY QUANTITY.


- Lead time 7 - 10 business days (No boxes kept in stock)

Should you not see the products you are looking for please feel free to give us a call or send us a email for a sale's staff member to assist you efficiently. 

Boxes With Minimum Orders

  • Die cut boxes
  • Printed boxes
  • Agri boxes - (tomato box, pepper box, bean boxes, lettuce box, cucumber boxes, pomegranate box etc...)
  • Day old chick box / Broiler chick box - (One box fits 100 day old chicks)
  • Pizza boxes - (Small, medium, large, extra large & jumbo)
  • Meat boxes ( 10 & 25 kg meat boxes)
  • Egg boxes - ( 15 & 30 Dozen egg boxes)

Boxes Without Minimum Orders

  • RSC boxes
  • Half RSC boxes
  • Corrugated carton sheet
  • Base & lid box
  • Box assembled on a pallet
  • Document file boxes / Storage boxes
  • Fully overlap flap boxes

Lithographic Printed Corrugated Boxes

- Minimum orders do apply


- High quality printing and display graphics on corugated board.


- Bright colors and high resolution presentation = Increases product visibility = More sales.


- Contact our sales team today for more information and sizes. 


- Lead time 7 - 10 business days

We are registered for export heat treatment according to ISPM15, this means our wooden products can be used for exporting purposes. 


We can manufacture custom sized wooden pallets  for storage, transporting and shipping purposes. Any size pallet, any quantity. 


All wooden items are made brand new to your specification.

Pallets we Can Manufacture

2 way Wooden Pallet

2 way wooden pallet has two sides of entry

4 Way Wooden Pallet

4 way wooden pallet has four sides of entry

Wooden products we specialize in

Export Fully Closed Wooden Crates

Export Semi Closed Wooden Crates 

Pine Hardboard Wooden Crate (Local & Export)

Wooden Support Structures

additional Protective packing products we keep in stock

SFK / Carton Rolls

Edge Guards / Corner Protectors

Aerothene / Foam Rolls

Bubble Wrap

Pallet Wrap

Plastic Slip sheets

Advantages of plastic slip sheets


  • Up to 40% Cheaper than wooden pallets
  • No Heat treatment needed for export purposes
  • Use 98% less stacking space in warehouse than wooden pallets
  • 10% more shipping space in container available
  • Less administration to recover empty pallets
  • Environmentally friendly (recyclable)
  • Weather resistant
  • Weighs 1/30 of a wooden pallet
  • Significant saving on airfreight cost
  • No maintenance needed on plastic slip sheets

Plastic slip sheets are the new alternative to wooden pallets


Slip sheets are thin pallet-sized sheets made of plastic or corrugated carton board used in commercial shipping. Often, these replace the use of traditional wooden pallets. The unit load is usually stretch wrapped or shrink wrapped for stability and loaded with a push pull attachment or with roller forks


(Please see youtube video for alternative explanation)

Disadvantages of plastic slip sheets


  • Slip sheet usage requires special slipheets attachments on transportation devices such as a lift truck 
  • When used alone, pallets provide more structural support than slip sheets
  • Pallets are easily compatible with crane devices
  • Overall, the advantages of slip sheets vs. pallets highly overate the disadvantages

Buff & Clear Tape

About us

NAD Supplies were established in 2015 to address packaging needs in the industrial, agricultural and manufacturing sectors. Our products are top quality, and meets up to exceptional standards, our service level is excellent, our prices are very competitive and we are very committed to customer satisfaction.

We focus on your needs and strive to be your one-stop-supplier for all your packaging needs.


Get your quote today, call us or send us and email. Our dedicated team will be able to provide you with competitive quotes and good advice regarding your product

At Nad Supplies we are manufacturers of corrugated boxes, wooden pallets and crates and suppliers of other protective packaging material. We specialize corrugated and wooden products and we can manufacture all items according to your spesifications and we are able to manufacture in bulk.


A full range of corrugated boxes and sheets manufactured to your spesification and not only can we help protect your valubles with our corrugated products we can also promote your brand by providing you with the option of high graphic printing for your corrugated product. We can print up to 5 colours.

Our corrugated products includes, boxes, die cut boxes, corrugated sheets, corrugated slip sheets, edge guards, and corrugated rolls. 


We also specialize in the manufacturing of wooden pallets and crates for the industrial, automotive, and agricultural sectors all pallets and crates can be manufactured to you spesifications. We are registered for export heat treatment according to ISPM15 which means that we can manufacture wooden products for you that is safe to export

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